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We love travel and we know you will too! Our goal is to create a seamless and painless travel planning process so that you can enjoy your trip and leave all the stress-inducing details to us. Here are the steps to begin your perfect trip:



The first step in your travel process is to let us get to know you, what kind of traveler you are, and to make sure that our service is right for you.



Once we've gotten to know you a little, we can start building the framework and the big picture of your trip. Don't worry if you are not certain about what you want to do, where you want to go, or even when you want to go, we can help you with that! One of our many services to you is a travel sounding board, we will help you bounce ideas and dreams off of us so that we can apply our own knowledge and expertise to fill in the blanks. We will provide inspiration and information to help you narrow down the multitude of travel options to hone in on the trip that fits you best. Your trip blueprint will include destinations, options for activities, and overall flow of your trip. Once you are excited about your trip and are ready to fill in the details to move forward with your trip, we require a $250 non-refundable deposit which will be applied to your final trip cost.



Now its time to put some color to your trip and fill in the details. We will fill in the specifics of where you'll stay each night and what you'll do each day. Each of your itinerary pieces will be hand crafted to fit your interests and personality whether its it's bungee jumping in New Zealand, hiking in Colorado, riding camels in Mongolia or relaxing beachside in Fiji. Once we have all the details filled in and you're ready to pull the trigger and book your trip, we require a 30% deposit to solidify and arrange your itinerary components.



After all of your itinerary details are arranged, we will continue to work with you to fine tune and arrange or change the last few details of your trip. We can even suggest places for you to eat or drink. Three months, ninety days, before you leave for your trip, we require the balance of your trip payment.



You will receive your personalized Travel Booklet a month prior to your departure. The Book contains your final itinerary with details like meeting times and locations, booking reference numbers, etc. along with other information like contact details for all your itinerary components. We still have time to make a few tweaks to your itinerary up to about two weeks before you set out on your trip.



Once you've left for your trip and you are enjoying the ease of your travel plans, we remain available in case you need anything. In your Travel Book, you'll have our emergency contact number where you can reach us day and night, no matter where in the world you are traveling. We are committed to ensuring the smooth logistics of your trip until the moment you get home.

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